About Steve Beshear (D)

About Steve Beshear (D)

Democrat Steve Beshear has served as a state representative, attorney general, liuetenant governor.
He's from Dawson Springs in Hopkins County. His father was a Baptist minister. He graduated from UK and its College of Law with honors. He served Student Body President during his Junior year. He also served in the Army Reserve as an intelligence analyst.
Beshear and his wife, Jane, have two grown sons and one grandchild.

Beshear favors high-quality, affordable health coverage for all that will allow universal healthcare coverage over time.  He also wants to launch an aggressive cost-containment effort, through a broad partnership of businesses, health care providers, government and individual Kentuckians. He says he will work to provide senior citizens affordable prescription drugs and promoting drug safety.

Beshear's plan for education includes expanding early childhood education, teaching children the basic fundamentals, valuing teachers and involving parents,modernizing schools and classrooms, creating an education system that promotes academic excellence.

Beshear's "Fueling Kentucky First" plan means investing in the research and development and deployment of new clean coal, alternative fuel and Clean Technology businesses in Kentucky, establishing new cutting edge workforce development training programs for the coal mining and Clean Technology workforce of tomorrow, and, over time, attracting new Clean Technology manufacturing plants and industries to Kentucky.

To help Kentucky farmers, Beshear wants to invest in and expand Kentucky agriculture, help farmers market their products, focus on immediate deployment of cost-effective clean energy technology, make sure that rural Kentucky is part of the clean energy solution, push for landowner protection laws match farmers and hunters, expand health care coverage, and address rising health care costs.

As Kentucky's next Governor, Beshear promises work with the House and Senate to place a constitutional amendment on the ballot which would allow expanded gaming in Kentucky. He says it's time that the people be allowed to vote on whether they want expanded gaming in our state and the resulting economic benefits that it will provide.