Take It Off Tuesday: Fitness Goals from Shawn Taylor

Take It Off Tuesday:  Fitness Goals from Shawn Taylor

Each Tuesday live on the Breakfast Show during November, Lauren Keith catches up with personal trainer Shawn Taylor.   He answers your fitness questions and gives out advice to help you stay on track, especially during the holiday season.

This Tuesday, Shawn lists the 10 Do's and Don'ts of Personal Fitness.  Be sure to keep these in mind as you're working out.  Meantime, if you'd like to ask Shawn a question, just send it in at the email link: fitnessguy@kfvs12.com.  Please give us at least your first name and town you're writing from so we can annouce it on-air.  Be sure to tune in each Tuesday morning to hear the answer to your fitness question.

10 Do's of Fitness by Shawn Taylor:

1.  Spread the word.  Inundate your environment with your fitness goals.  Sounds cliché and overstated but it's true.  Keeping them close by is great way to accountability. 
Moreover, you are more than likely to re-evaluate them more frequently if you constantly encounter them.  Remember, goals are words on paper and by saying them aloud as you breathe life into them.   
2.  Go by the numbers.  One of the best things you can do for yourself is to arm yourself with the facts.  A basic operating formula runners have been using for years. 
It's called the Targeted Heart rate formula.  This formula maximizes what you can get out of your cardio workouts as well as challenges your status of your current results. 
Formula is located at the bottom of the page. 
3.  Get a grip on your 5 senses
4.  Open your hand.  We have so many notions about fitness and weight loss regarding what should or shouldn't work because of what we see and hear that we're not
Be open to change.  Have faith in the fitness process.  It's kind of like Novocain.  It works if you give it a little time. 
5.   Renegotiate your position.  Change your stance on fitness.    Send in a new play.  Do something different.  Anything different when it comes to fitness is good.  
5 Don'ts:
1. Trap yourself.  Don't set such unrealistic expectations that you can‘t meet them.  It's tough if not impossible to lose 5-10 lbs like you see on the TV shows. But, if you are fortunate enough to have that happen you shouldn't expect it to occur several weeks in a row.  Quite frankly, it's unrealistic and definitely unhealthy.     
2.  Don't Repeat Same Routine Forever.   If you feel the heat, don't repeat! Up the ante.  Don't be afraid to feel it.  Sweat a little.  Raise the level of intensity on that treadmill or better yet get off of the treadmill and tackle the "beast." See number 5 above!  Don't get into a "rut" either.  The more you change up the routine, the better the results.     
3.  Don't just stand there--Get moving!  Don't ever replace cardio with physical activity to work problem areas.  This never works and also breeds frustration.  For example, don't replace gardening with a brisk walk.  Gardening may burn calories, but if your heart isn't pumping hard for at least 30 minutes, it really doesn't count as an actual workout.  Don't get me wrong, any activity is good, but when trying to meet fitness goals, you've gotta sweat!
4.  Don't Quit. Believe it or not, if you've actually stopped seeing results of your workouts and you've all of the above.  Give yourself 7-10 day break from physical side of fitness. 
For ½ hour to 45 minutes try stretching and meditation opposed to the gym.  The recovery from the stress of the physical fitness may do wonders for your ability to lose lbs.      
5.  Never ever quit.  Understand the universal processes of the body.  We all have the metabolic rate, the need for the 3 basic nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats) and hormonal highs and lows due to physical activity.  All you need is time and commitment to apply what you already know. 
Also, during the month of November you can expect to hear Shawn talking about new moms getting the weight off.  Also, we're going to talk specifically about guys and their fitness needs. Plus, we'll debunk some myths to weight loss, such as, can you really target one part of your body and spot-reduce?
So, be sure to send in your specific fitness questions, just tell us your first name and town you're writing from.  Shawn answers questions "live" each Tuesday in November.
Heart Rate Formula:
Targeted Heart Rate Formula(THR):
220-(your age)= estimated maximal heart rate(MHR)
(MHR)-resting heart rate(RHR)=heart rate reserve
(HRR) X .50, .60, .70, .80 (level of intensity)= THR
Beginners: .50-60
Intermediates: .60-.70
Advanced: .70 and up
170-80(resting heart rate)=90
90 X .70 & .80=63-72
63+80(RHR)=143      72+80(RHR)= 152
Therefore your targeted heart rate is approximately 143-152
This formula alone should do wonders for your results.  Carefully, place yourself under your own microscope to determine if your find yourself in any of the above and make changes accordingly.