Buck Gets Stuck in House

Buck Gets Stuck in House
By: Carly O'Keefe

SESSER, Ill. - Craig and Franciska Cockrum live on one of the busier streets in downtown Sesser.  So when they heard glass shattering early Saturday morning, they thought an unexpected guest had crashed into their home and they were right.
"We thought a car came into the house, because we live so close to the road.  We didn't think of a deer," said Franciska Cockrum.
Imagine the couple's surprise when they found a six-point buck wandering around in their living room.
"He went through the window and stayed for about 10-15 minutes for a visit," said Franciska. "Through the window, you could see the deer running around in here, he was looking outside, and he wanted to get out."
Craig Cockrum called 911 for help.
"They asked me to say it again what the problem was, I said 'I have about a 200 pound deer in my house.' He said 'Are you sure'?" said Craig.
Officer Joseph Moyers, who's been wearing the badge for less than a year was the only patrolman on duty at the time.
"I've had several unique calls, but this is the most unique," said Moyers. "At 7:57 in the morning, there aren't a whole lot of people you can call, animal control is closed, and the vets' offices are closed."
That meant Officer Moyers had to face the buck himself.
"We're trained to do a lot of things, but taming a deer out of someone's home is one thing we're not trained to do. So I did my best," Moyers said.
According to Moyers, the buck wouldn't leave the house the way he came in and instead, he crashed through the family's patio door, into the back yard and jumped a six-foot privacy fence to freedom.
The buck was gone, but Craig and Franciska are left with a mess.
"Just a little blood on the carpet and couch, the counter top is broken a little the heater, and a lot of glass," Franciska said.
No one was hurt, just a little bewildered by the wild encounter.
"It's the first day of quail season so I think there are a lot of deer moving, but in town, I don't know!" said Craig.