YourTurn - 11/5/07

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Diana Long from Mount Vernon, Illinois:
"I am tired of people taking everything out of the schools except what needs to be, drugs and sex...I am upset about God being taken out...that's why there is all this violence and drugs...God eventually reigns, why fight it."
Michelle Perkins from Chaffee, Missouri:
"I am very happy to see Kid Nation on CBS.  Finally a show I can sit down with my children and watch without constant sex jokes.  I know (KFVS12) is not specifically to blame (for programming) but you represent media and the media must be held accountable for some standards..."
John Hall from Simpson, Illinois:
"Regarding (Mike Smythe's) ViewPoint (10/21/07-Police Fatalities), while I don't condone the actions of those hunting police, I don't feel people should automatically ‘respect' the ‘authority' of the police. One doesn't have to look very hard to find examples of police officers abusing their authority...if (they) want respect they should police their own ranks first."
Derek Storck from Jackson, Missouri:
"Police act different than they used to. 20 years ago you would never see a high speed chase on television...the training model looks a lot like that of a foot soldier in a war zone than someone sworn to ‘protect and serve.'  The fact is every (police) action has an equal and opposite reaction.  When police mistreat suspects they create ‘cop killers.'  The solution is not money or training, it is common sense."

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