Waterline Leak Puts Some in Tough Spot

Waterline Leak Puts Some in Tough Spot
By: CJ Cassidy & Heartland News

ELLSINORE, Mo. - A waterline leak leaves about 250 homes and businesses in Ellsinore without water for several hours.
City crews said natural wear and tear probably caused the leak.
It did put some people in a tough spot.  Ellsinore schools let out early.
Folks found ways to work around it though.
The Corner Cafe in Ellsinore serves up a variety of things on its menu, from catfish fillets to waffle cones but the one thing servers couldn't serve Wednesday afternoon was a glass of water.
"We got some ice and started melting it.  It took forever.  And it was harder to keep the coffee made up," said Many Gore, a server at The Corner Cafe.
The Corner Cafe crew knows all too well, wishes won't wash dishes.  So, they even used melted ice to help clear out the sink.
"At first we weren't for sure if we were going to have to close down, but we just worked as a team and got through it," Gore said.
It wasn't just cafe workers affected by the dry spell.  City workers shut off water to home and businesses across Ellsinore.
"We've had a leak here for a while so we're digging it up and replacing the line," said Doug White with the city of Ellsinore.  "I know it's inconvenient to people and I understand that, but this is what we have to do."
Back at the Corner Cafe, Mandy Gore said she'll prepare better in case there's a next time.
"We might need to put some bottled water back.  That probably would have helped," she said. 
The city of Ellsinore is under a precautionary boil water order until further notice.