Family Wants Help Finding Missing Man

Family Wants Help Finding Missing Man
By: CJ Cassidy

CHARLESTON, Mo. - Three weeks after her son mysteriously disappeared, a local woman hasn't given up hope of finding him.
Tony Woodworth, 35, of Charleston went missing back on October 11th.
His family now has a $2,000 reward up for grabs to try and get information.
So far they've heard plenty of rumors around town, and some of them are pretty ugly, but no one including the police has any idea what happened.
Now, Woodworth's family hopes you came help them bring Tony back home.
"Somebody's done something to my Tony.  Somebody's done something bad to him," Annie Black said.
She called her son a real momma's boy.  She said he's so close to her; he tattooed the word "mom" on his right arm.  He's never stayed away from home without calling her first.
"I have heart trouble.  Tony wouldn't do this to me.  If he's out here, he knows what was going on he'd come home," she said.
Woodworth's family hopes people going about their business see the posters they've put up.  They're tacked up in gas stations, grocery stores, even city hall, and one clerk says it's hard to miss them.
"They're everywhere.  Everywhere you go.  People say 'Oh there's that dude that's missing,'" Amber Riley said.
Charleston police printed off posters of their own, alerting departments across the country. Chief Robert Hearnes said foul play's a possibility, but they can't track Tony Woodworth because he didn't have a cell phone or credit cards.
Still, Hearnes doesn't want people to think they've given up the search.
"He's had numerous run-ins with the law and we have information he has been a drug user.  I don't want that to influence people.  We want them to look for him because he's missing," Hearnes said.
Tony Woodworth's mother hopes all this attention and the reward money helps someone remember something.
"Somebody out here knows.  If they would just tell us where he's at, I could bring him home," she said wringing her hands.
Woodworth's other family members say at this point just knowing what happened to Tony would bring them some peace.
If you have any information you think might help, call the Charleston Department of Public Safety a call at (573) 683-3737.