Fighting a 'Superbug' on Campus

Fighting a 'Superbug' on Campus
By: Arnold Wyrick

CARBONDALE, Ill. - It's spreading like a wildfire out of control and college campuses are not immune to the outbreak of the Methicillian-resistant staphylococcus aureus. 
One of the more difficult areas to fight the spread of the 'superbug' is on common surfaces touched by many people during a 24-hour period.
That's why the staff at the SIU Recreation Center are taking no chances when it comes to fighting the potential of any infection on campus.
"We had our entire custodial crew come in and do a complete wipe down of the rec center, just to make sure everything is absolutely clean," said Gary Tisdale Coordinator for the SIU Rec Center.
But, even with the warning signs and bottles of disinfectant cleaner readily available, it's still up to the users of the facility to keep themselves safe.
"Once you're done working out you want to use hand sanitizer a lot to kill the germs so you're not carrying it everywhere," said Zach Morrison.
The staff at the rec center are keeping their eyes open for any open wounds on people's hands of skin.  Still, some students aren't taking any chances of being infected.
"I wash my hands.  And if I can't do that then I take a towel and place it under my neck so that I don't have any exposed skin touching the bench or any other surfaces in here," said Barker Labach.
The center has already placed hands-free towel dispensers throughout the building.  And there's even more precautionary measures to be implemented in the days ahead.
"We're ordering special garbage cans which have a dispenser in the top which will dispense handy wipes that already have a sanitizer on them," Tisdale said.