School Board President Busted for DUI

Paul H. Boyd
Paul H. Boyd

School Board President Busted for DUI
By: Holly Brantley

Sikeston's first-year school board president faces DUI and weapons charges.

Police arrested 43-year-old Paul H. Boyd early Thursday morning.  It happened in Cape Girardeau.  Officers said Boyd failed a breathalyzer test and had two loaded handguns in his Dodge Durango.

"We had an officer on patrol observe Boyd driving erratically and swerving in and out of traffic," said Cpl. Jason Selzer with the Cape Girardeau Police Department.

Police pulled Boyd over after he pulled out of Taco Bell on Kingshighway.  Cpl. Selzer said Boyd had two loaded handguns inside his SUV.

"The city ordinance states you can not posses a firearm if you are intoxicated," Cpl. Selzer said.

Superintendent Steve Borgsmiller said he is aware of the charges.  He said Boyd is innocent until proven guilty, but if action is needed it will be taken.

According to Borgsmiller, this is Boyd's first year as the Sikeston school board president and his fourth year serving on the board.

Boyd also works as a probation officer at the Federal Courthouse in Cape Girardeau.

Parents and family members in Boyd's hometown of Sikeston hope if he is found guilty, school leaders will hold him accountable.

"I think he should be taken out of the school system," said LaTasha Turner. "And, I believe he should never be able to work at a government job.  If you teach the kids to do right by the law, why should the president do whatever he wants?"  

A court date is set for November 15.  Police believe this is Boyd's first arrest.

*Paul H.Boyd, the Sikeston School Board President, is not Scott County Prosecuting Attorney Paul R. Boyd.