College Student Fears of Trouble in Zimbabwe Home

College Student Fears of Trouble in Zimbabwe Home
By: Wes Wallace

Most of us rely on the Internet to communicate with family or friends.  However, trouble in her home country of Zimbabwe prevents a local college student from contacting those she loves.
"It's very difficult," said the student, who asked us to conceal her identity. "My family tells me not to worry, but they can't say much because the phones are tapped."
There's long been blame on President Robert Mugabe, who many say has let deplorable conditions drive his once thriving nation into ruin and despair.
"They haven't had electricity for five days.  There's no cell service, very little water, and limited phone use," said the student. "My father has to drive 16 hours to South Africa just to get food.  Most people can't afford to do that."
The young woman says her dad told her not to come home for Christmas break.  She hopes the United Nations, the US, or other African nations can help intervene in this time of crisis.