YourTurn - 10/29/07

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Heartland viewer Jay Martin:
"Super Bowl in London? Canadian National Anthem at NASCAR?  Help me out, did someone sneak in and take America away while I was out making a living?"
Tim Liley from Advance, Missouri:
"Most of the time I don't listen to (Mike Smythe) but I saw his ViewPoint on police fatalities (Police Fatalities-10/21/07).  As a volunteer firefighter with the city of Advance and a person that respects law enforcement officers...I agree with him 100%..."
Sergeant Matt Fowler from the Caruthersville, Missouri Police Department:
"I would like to personally thank (Mike Smythe) for his ViewPoint on police officers.  It is not a job, it is a lifestyle and a career...police officers should be paid better...most departments have the bare minimum equipment to do the job and yet the police officer adapts to what he has to do to the best of his ability...I agree with Mike's father that people don't want to see a police officer until they need one."
Janet Odom from Neelyville, Missouri:
"Why is it that the law says, ‘CLICK IT OR TICKET' but the school buses are not required to have seat belts for the kids on the bus.  The driver has a seat belt but not the children...when asked why (school officials) answer, ‘They cost a lot of money and in case of a wreck they may not have time to unbuckle all the children..."  Five and six year olds I know (are able to) get out of seat belts faster than (I can)."

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