School Leaders Analyze Hit List

Daniel Davis
Daniel Davis

School Leaders Analyze Hit List
By: CJ Cassidy

MARQUAND, Mo. - How would you react if someone found a hit list in your child's school?
Marquand school leaders say that's the question they faced after a student turned one in last week.
They believe another student made it up.
A student on that list says he's since stopped going to school and doesn't plan on going back until administrators and police know exactly who put the hit list together.
"For a while I was like, "I made it on a hit list!" then after a while it was kinda scary," Daniel Davis said.
He has no idea who or why someone would put his name on a hit list, but his mother, Roberta, agrees he shouldn't take any chances.
"These kids are scared to go to school, because they don't know if someone is going to be waiting for them or not, to do anything to them," she said.
Marquand School Superintendent Duane Schindler says parents should trust them to protect their children.  After all, he points, out, they're taking the threat seriously even if it turns out to be a hoax.
"Authorities were alerted and teachers analyzed the handwriting.  They did everything to pinpoint the suspect.  We feel confident with the suspect we have, but can't prove it," Schindler said.
School leaders sent letters home to parents of students on the list saying it named three teachers and fifteen students.
Since then, they're being safe, banning students carrying backpacks and purses into classrooms and searching lockers for clues.
"We can't suspend on suspicion," Schindler said.
He added he's also notified the suspect's parents and hopes that helps ease any fears the Davis family might have.
"That is my son's life, not something you play with," Roberta said.
"Hopefully they find out who wrote it, and do something about it," Daniel said.
The suspect is a minor, and school leaders plan on turning the investigation over to juvenile authorities.