Wilton Halloween Candy Making Kit: Does it Work?

Wilton Halloween Candy Making Kit: Does it Work?
By: Lauren Keith

Just in time for all your Halloween parties, there's a new candy making kit on the market that allows you to make professional-looking candy for half the cost and in the convenience of your own home.  
The Wilton Candy Making Kit is a series of frostings and candies that you melt into Halloween molds that form into suckers and mini-candies.  So, I wonder: can it really be that easy?  I take it to Jeanna Weatherby's home in East Cape Girardeau, Illinois.  She and her busy three little boys can help us find out.

"One bag for each color," says Jeanna.

First, Jeanna and I separate each colored candy drops into the provided microwaveable bags.  There are green, brown, white and orange candies.  Next, the directions say to put your microwave on low-power.  That's very important or you'll end up scorching the candy.  This whole melting process only takes five minutes or so.  Jeanna is very careful to microwave each colored candy bag in 30-second intervals, kneading as we go, so we don't over-melt it.
"Is this fun?" she asks her three boys: Nathan, Noah and Neil.  

"Yeah!" they scream.

So far, it it's not too bad.  Wilton provides different shaped molds in clear trays.  You can choose from mummies, cats, spiders, and pumpkins.  If you like painting, you'll love this kit.  Before you pour the melted candy into the molds, you use the provided paintbrush and brush some of the candy into the faces of the molds, truly bringing these characters to life.  We find it's easier for little hands, like five-year-old Noah's to "tap" the candy on rather than brush it.

OK, now that the faces are painted on, it's time to pour in the rest of the candy filling.  Also, learn from our mistake: fill your mold up almost all the way, before placing in the sticks for the suckers. 
"Oh, the stick is showing!" notes Jeanna.

But the nice thing is, since these trays are clear, you can actually hold it up and see where else you might need to fill in or shape up.  The boys take care of that.  In the meantime, this resourceful mother of three has this tip.

"Maybe buy more paintbrushes or use toothpicks," says Jeanna.

The kit only comes with one brush, which doesn't work when you have three active boys wanting to help make the candy.  We're ready to pop these molds in the fridge. 
"It's easier than I thought," says 11-year old Noah.

Twenty minutes pass, and our treats should be ready.  Nathan easily pops one of the suckers out of the trays, and completes the ultimate test.  We want to know: how does it taste?

"Tastes like chocolate and vanilla frosting, and I really like it," he says.

So, is it tasty and simple enough to do and to ace the Does it Work test?

"A minus because it was easy, but you need to read directions," points out Noah.

That's especially true when it comes to microwaving the candies. Don't forget to put it on low-power and knead the plastic bags as you go.

"A plus because it tastes good and it cooks easily!  You don't have a bunch of mixing bowls and spoons either," says Nathan.

If you're making these treats for a class, Mom knows best.
"I like it.  It's fun.  For a large class, you need more chocolate or buy two kits.  I'd give it an A!" says Jeanna.

Far be it from me to disagree with Mom.  The $10 Wilton Candy Making kit is a treat in itself earning an 'A' on this Does it Work test.  I bought it at Wal-Mart.  These treats truly come out looking professional and they're affordable.  Each kit makes about 20 treats, so keep that in mind if making for a classroom.  Until the next Does it Work Wednesday, take care!