Getting Started with WiFi

Short for wireless fidelity, WiFi is a wireless networking standard, also known as 802.11 networking. It uses radio signals to transmit information.   Computers can usually connect at up to 100 feet away from a Wireless Access Point, or “WAP’s” (aka Wireless Routers).  Originally designed only for networking multiple computers, it is now commonly used for mobile web access.
How Do I Set Up a WiFi Network at Home?
The first part of a successful wireless home network is high speed internet access. This is easily achieved through cable modem connection from your cable company.  After this, an access point or wireless router is used to connect all of the computers. It is usually an easy set up, and you can pick up the parts at any electronics store.
For instance, if you are using a cable modem, plug the cable connection into the modem, and run a cable between the modem and the access point. Once this is set up, install wireless networking cards on all of your laptops, or wireless adapters on your PCs. Newer computers may come with a built in wireless networking card. This will connect all computers to the wireless network, allowing you to share an internet connection.  You can even buy printers with wireless capabilities.
Now you can sit upstairs in bed, and still be connected, or, hide your printer in a closet, and still print from anywhere in the house.  This can help save space around the house, helping convert a cluttered home office into a multi-purpose room.
Securing your connection is important, and most people should be able to follow the instructions that come with the software to set up a secure network, keeping prying eyes off your connection.