DC Sniper Shooting Victim Speaks Out

John Allen Muhammad
John Allen Muhammad

DC Sniper Shooting Victim Speaks Out
By: Holly Brantley

PADUCAH, Ky. - You may remember John Allen Muhammad, the brains behind a series of random sniper attacks five years ago in the Washinton D.C. area.  Those attacks killed more than ten people, and injured others.  Muhammad's on death row for one of those murders, and waiting to go on trial for the rest of the shootings.
Meanwhile, a local woman says she knows all too well the horror Muhammad is capable of.  In September of 2002, Kellie Adams' life changed forever.  It happened in an instant. 
"I think about it everyday," said Adams. 
She and her co-worker, Claudine Parker, were getting ready to close a Montgomery Alabama liquor store when she felt a sudden shock. 
"I felt a huge knot," said Adams. "That's when I saw the blood, and I knew I had been shot."   
Little did Adams know, John Allen Muhammad, was hiding in a nearby car, waiting for Lee Boyd Malvo to tell him when to shoot.  It was all part of a test run used later in a string of shootings. Adams remembers everything.
"It's even in my dreams," she said. "You can't help that."
Her injuries also serve as a constant reminder of that terrible day.  She's had 31 surgeries in just five years.
"You go to the mirror and it's there," said Adams. 
Adams says she and her husband Lyn have endured five years of pain.  That's why she couldn't believe it when she saw a video of Muhammad asking for support. 
"I was angry," said Adams. "He was smiling.  It was like a slap in the face."  
 At the urging of her husband, Adams made a video of her own.  She posted it on Youtube to let others know victims have a voice.    
Since posting the video, Adams says she's gotten nothing but positive support.
"It should be over," said Adams. "They should go ahead and carry out his death sentence and that would be closure for me at least."
Adams says her family's been able to get stronger since moving to Benton, Kentucky, two years ago.  They miss their family back in Alabama, but they are happy to have a new start in the Heartland.
Meanwhile, if given the chance, she'd have this to say to the men who caused her so much pain.
"You know you got what you deserve, but being alive is too good for you," she said. "The fact you're still breathing is too good."
The Adams have a six-year-old daughter, Brenda.  She was just sixteen months old at the time of the shooting.
As for the video of Muhammad, his attorney's reportedly urged him to tape it.  They're looking for people who know more about his relationship with John Lee Malvo.  Malvo was Muhammad's accomplice.  He's sentenced to a life sentence for the same murder that put Muhammad on death row.