10 Ways You Waste Money

10 Ways You Waste Money
By: Heartland News

When it comes to your money, budgets are like New Year resolutions.  We make them and break them. However, there are a lot of ways to save money and they really add up.

Paying off credit card charges monthly can be a huge money saver and pack-a-day smokers are burning more than $1600 a year.  But let's put credit card counseling and cigarettes aside and look at other savings that total about $8000 a year.

First off, for you coffee drinkers, buying your brew every day can add up to $360 a year.
Going to a bar for a couple of beers runs up an annual tab of $3650.  Add more for mixed drinks.
When it comes to drinking water, the bottled variety at least, that can add up too.  A 20-ounce Aquafina a day soaks up $365.
A manicure a week can add another $1068 dollars to annual spending.
Weekday lunches out is the big bite.   Many of us can relate to this one, grabbing a bite out in town.  If you buy rather than brown bag, you can eat up $2340 a year.
Put it all together and the total comes to $7778 a year.
And that's not to mention other little expenses like vending machine snacks.
According to MSN Money there's at least 10 ways you mindlessly waste money.
  1. Stuff you can't live without...Do you really need all the new gadgets and services?  Take a look at how many access, download, activation, subscription, and usage fess you pay.
  2. The silent 'upgrade'...Watch out for those upgrades for things like rental cars or moving a balance onto a new low-interest credit card (make sure you know when the rate jumps back up.)
  3. Memberships you never use...If you sign up for the gym membership, are you going to use it?
  4. Double-dipping...Watch out for those renewal notices when you cancel a subscription.
  5. The package 'deal'...Companies say you save money if you bundle services with the "package deal," but do you really need all those extra services?
  6. Shopping delusions...That designer dress might be half off, but where are you going to where it?
  7. Supersize spending...It sounds so much better to pay a little more to have access to all the gyms in the nation, right?  Who knows when you'll be in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.
  8. Refusing free money...Take what your employer gives you - matching retirement funds, flexible spending account, etc.
  9. Bulk spending, slim savings...Buying in bulk can save you money if you also consume in bulk.  Do you really want to eat 5-gallons of clam chowder?
  10. Sins of omission...What about that sweater you ordered that just didn't fit right?  How much money have we all wasted from not returning unwanted items?