Co-Owner of Adult Store Arrested for Drugs

Co-Owner of Adult Store Arrested for Drugs
By: Heartland News

MCCLURE, Ill. - Police made a big drug bust in southern Illinois.

Police arrested three men late Thursday afternoon at a house on Highway 3 in McClure.

Richard Thompson, 55, it the co-owner of Brown Bag Video and the Hushpuppy Saloon in McClure. The Alexander County sheriff saysThompson was arrested along with two of his roommates, 41-year-old Jeff Shelly and 18-year-old Cas Siler.
Investigators say they've been working this case for two months.  They say they have aerial photos of a marajuana growing operation at a farm owned by Thompson's girlfriend.  Police say they also have video of Thompson harvesting the crop at the farm off Rifle Range and Betts Roads in rural Alexander County.
There's no word on the specific charges they may face.
Someone answered the phone at Thompson's home, but did not want to comment.  Workers at Brown Bag Video had no comment as well.