Southern Illinoisans Recover from Thursday Morning Storms

Southern Illinoisans Recover from Thursday Morning Storms
By: Carly O'Keefe

Parts of southern Illinois were hit hard by high winds early Thursday morning.
According to Murphysboro Mayor Ron Williams, storm damage can be found on just about every block in town.  Downed trees or power lines left many in Murphysboro without power into Thursday afternoon.  
Murphysboro's 20th Street was closed to traffic for much of the morning as crews worked to clear a huge tree from the roadway.  When the tree fell, it landed on a house, crashing into the front porch and causing major damage.  In the process, the tree also snapped a utility pole in two, leaving the neighborhood without power.
Murphysboro's Riverside Park also sustained major damage.  Several large trees were uprooted.  In the early morning hours following the storm, city crews weren't even able to reach the city sewer plant through the park.  Heavy machinery was brought in to remove the fallen trees and debris.
Several homes in Alto Pass were also hit in the storm.  Trees crashed into homes and even crushed one family's mini-van.  Thursday, many residents worked to clear their yards and roads of downed limbs and branches as well as prepare their homes for the next round of storms.