Staph Infections Still Showing up at Local Schools

Staph Infections Still Showing up at Local Schools
By: Crystal Britt
CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - It's a constant battle inside our schools.  The latest, a reported case at Blanchard Elementary in Cape Girardeau.
"At this time our understanding is it is staph, but not MRSA.  We've taken all the necessary precautions at this point in time," said Deena Ring, Director of Special Services. Also, school leaders in East Prairie confirm at least two cases of staph at the high school.
"In the last two weeks we've had two cases of staph that were both methicillin resistant," Doctor Byron Glenn of Cape Urgent Care and Family Medicine. 
Doctor Glenn says school locker rooms, your local gym, and tanning salons are perfect breeding grounds for the bacteria.
"We're very, very adamant about keeping the place spotlessly clean," said Marcia Schlueter, owner of Endless Summer Tan.  Schlueter says every surface has to be disinfected thoroughly after every use.
"It (the disinfectant) has to be FDA approved for hospital use to be used in our beds," Schlueter said. 
Doctors say people should know staph lives on our skin, we just don't always get infected.
"Warning signs are red raised areas with a surrounding circle...may be with some white puss," said Dr. Glenn. 
It often looks like a spider bite.  Without treatment it can be deadly, so early care is crucial.
Also, staph is not considered "reportable".  Places like hospitals and schools aren't required to tell your local health department if cases pop up.  So, there's really no way to gauge just how bad the problem might or might not be where you live.