Former Deputy Sentenced to Prison

Former Deputy Sentenced to Prison
By: Mike Shain

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, Ky. - A former deputy sheriff who shot himself is going to prison for seven years.
Benny Harding was a 15 year deputy with the McCacken County Department when the shooting incident happended a year ago.
In a hospital bed interview with Heartland News, Harding said he stopped to check out a car parked on a remote road and was was shot by an unidentified man.
The sheriff was suspicious and an investigation resulted in Harding admitting he shot himself.  His attorney says money problems were to blame.
"He got into a bad financial situation.  He was worn out mentally.  He war worn out physically and he was at the very end of his rope," said Andrew Coiner, Harding's attorney.
"If I had the opportunity to say something to Benny, it would be that I sincerely hope he finds peace within himself and I wish him well," said McCracken County Sheriff John Hayden.
Harding had nothing to say Thursday afternoon.  In an earlier court appearance Harding said he was sorry for the harm caused to his family and other people.
The court handed down the seven year sentence Thursday afternoon.  Harding's attorney says he will ask the judge for a period of "shock probation."  The former deputy will have to serve 14 to 16 months of that seven year sentence.