Cancer Death Decrease

Cancer Death Decrease
By: Wes Wallace
CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - It's not often you hear the phrase "good news" linked to the word cancer.
However, a new report reveals some encouraging findings about one of the most feared diseases.
Dr. Stanley Sides, a Cape Girardeau oncologist, says the decreasing number of cancer deaths is good news, but there's a lot of room for improvement.
"Increased screenings and awareness has helped a lot, but we can do even better," said Sides.
"They've doubled the numbers in reducing cancer deaths, but that's still only at two percent.  Good but it could be better," Sides said.
Dr. Sides says even more screenings need to be done to help catch cancer early on.
While some numbers improved, Sides pointed out lung cancer deaths in women were discouraging.  Men had a much lower rate.