Hotline and Web Site Offer Consumer Recall Info

Hotline and Web Site Offer Consumer Recall Info
By: Heartland News & AP

Illinois now has a new hotline for consumers to keep track of the latest product recalls.  The hotline number is 1-888-414-7678.
Attorney General Lisa Madigan says the hot line will help callers identify recalled products in their homes and will give instructions on how to contact manufacturers about returning or repairing the items. 
Madigan says she decided to start the hotline because of the increasing number of product recalls and the difficulty retailers face keeping consumers notified.
A new Web site offers information about recalls and hazardous products as well. 
The nonprofit publisher of Consumer Reports magazine has launched the site to provide American families with timely information to help keep their homes and children safe.
The site provides news on the latest recalls from a variety of government agencies, including the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Food and Drug Administration.  It includes updates on what the federal government and Congress are doing to ensure the safety of the food supply, toys and other products.
The site also provides an electronic form letter consumers can send to lawmakers advocating stronger legislation.