Heartland Teacher Named Best in Missouri

Heartland Teacher Named Best in Missouri
By: Mike Shain
CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - Saint Vincent Elementary School's slogan this year is "Happy and Proud" and Tuesday it had special reason for pride and joy.
The school has the best teacher in Missouri.  Dianna Lynn Karnes didn't know the reason for the school's special assembly Tuesday afternoon.  She learned why when Walmart and Sam's Club named her its Missouri Teacher of the Year.
"I guess I count that a blessing to be able to come to work every morning and not think it's work, to think that I get to go be with my friends even if they are in first grade.  I get to see my big friends that are other teachers. I get to do fun things like fingerpaint and play with play-dough and talk to people and read fun stories and see those wonderful moments when children come alive and they know something for the first time and are excited about everything. So, it's not a job and maybe that's the secret," Lynn Karnes said.
Along with the honor, Walmart donates $10,000 to St. Vincent.  Lynne Karnes hopes the money will purchase smart boards for other teachers.  She already has one.