Cape Superintendent to Step Down

Cape Superintendent to Step Down
By: Mike Shain

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - Cape Girardeau's school superintendent is stepping down from the job he's held for three years.
Dr. David Scala announced his decision to the school board Monday night.
The superintendent doesn't have anything definite for the future in mind. He's 63 and has been an educator 41 years and those numbers simply add up to time for a change.
"People ask where I'm going to live.  We like Cape Girardeau.  It's possible I could stay here in the community and be active in the community," Scala said.
Central High School is taking steps to reduce dropouts and boost its graduation rate.  Dr. Scala says that's a key challenge.
"It's essential that you have a high school education now days.  When I was going to school you could drop out in the eighth grade and get a good job but those jobs, working lines in factories are not there now," Scala said.
Scala is proud of the comprehensive school improvement plan started when he arrived and this year's new pre-kindergarten classes at Blanchard and Jefferson schools.
"That's an accomplishment because that's where we need to start if we want to make inroads into the problems we have later in school with dropouts and graduation rates and test scores," he said. 
Dr. Scala's contract runs through June so the board will have plenty of time to find a new superintendent.  Scala says that's one reason why he broke the news now.