Shooting Victim Speaks Exclusively to Heartland News

Shooting Victim Speaks Exclusively to Heartland News
By: CJ Cassidy
SIKESTON, Mo. - A fight at a Sikeston volleyball game ends in gunshots with a 22-year-old man hit in the shoulder.
Now 18-year-old Eric Johnson and 19-year-old Mark Williamson face charges of first degree assault, armed criminal action and a host of other charges.
They are being held in the Scott County Jail, each on $ 100,000 cash only bond.
The victim, Josh Jones, says he had nothing to do with the feud.
He claims he was caught in the middle and after narrowly escaping death, he has no choice but to keep the bullet.
Jones sits in his hospital bed with a bullet in his shoulder that may never come out.
"I was stunned by the first two shots.  The third shot, I decided to get up and run, and as soon as I got up to run inside the house.  I got there beside the door and it hit me and I stumbled to the ground," Jones said.
He says he knew trouble was brewing as he watched a volleyball game at Sikeston High School.
"I was seeing one of the girls which was my friend as I called my brother but his girl had missed the ball and they got to talking up there.  He got a little bit mad about it.  He was already talking on the phone with his friend that got into it with the guys," Jones said.
Still, he never expected to get caught in the crossfire.
Police say two men who argued earlier at the game, then opened fire on Dorothy and School Streets.  One bullet hit Jones, and others damaged the siding at the home he was visiting. Another cut a fiber optic cable leaving thousands of homes without TV and phone service.
Police say it could have been worse.
"If they had been better shots, it could have been.  There were several people there who could have been struck by bullets," said Captain Mark Crocker with the Sikeston Department of Public Safety.
Police eventually arrested the men and recovered the guns they allegedly used.  But the shooting leaves the victim's grandmother angry.
"They should pay for what they've done.  Instead of sitting behind bars doing nothing, this bill has to be paid.  When it comes to paying, it'll be on me.  He doesn't have no one but me, and I can barely make it myself," Alice Adams said.
"If someone gets into it with someone they shouldn't involve guns.  If they fight, they should shake hands afterwards," Jones said.
No word on when Jones will get out of the hospital
Police say they plan on making more arrests in connection with the shooting.