Web Site Offers New Autism Videos

Web Site Offers New Autism Videos
By: Wes Wallace

Even as a pediatric nurse, Kim Daniel says she didn't immediately recognize her twin daughter's suffered from autism.
"It's not easy to imagine something like that could be wrong with your child," said Daniel. "The warning signs and patterns are so difficult to notice if you don't know what to look for.  So most people don't see them."
There's a Web site produced by Florida State University and First Steps, Inc. with new videos.  Dozens of clips show specific examples of behavior patterns and physical actions of children with autism.
"You can actually put your eyeballs on it and really see for yourself," said Daniel. "It's much easier than reading complicated medical studies and documents."
Myra Bax with the Southeast Missouri Autism Project and the Judevine Center for Autism says the videos can be key to early detection. 
"The earlier you spot the problem, the earlier you can begin treatment and therapy.  The sooner you do it, the less ground you have to make up," Daniel said.

You can check out the web site www.autismspeaks.org