Ten Year Old Caught with Pellet Gun on School Bus

Ten Year Old Caught with Pellet Gun on School Bus
By: Holly Brantley

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - A ten-year-old Cape Girardeau student allegedly fired a pellet gun on the school bus.
Cape Girardeau police say the incident happened early Tuesday morning.
Superintendent Dr. David Scala said luckily no one was hurt.  School leaders and police say they don't know why the boy fired the shot.
After the alleged shot was fired, the driver contacted the middle school and Assistant Principal Rex Crosnoe went on the bus and found the student.
According to the Cape Girardeau police, the juvenile was taken into custody for unlawful use of a weapon.
No word yet on what punishment the student might receive.
Dr. Scala said when it comes to bus behavior, this type of incident is rare.
"I know this doesn't happen often when you have someone with an instrument that would cause harm," said Dr. Scala. "But, you have a lot of horse play and scuffling and everything."
Dr. Scala said seats are higher on buses these days for safety reasons, making it harder for drivers to keep order.  Drivers are employees of  the bus company, not the school district, but Scala said buses are considered an extension of the classroom and incidents on buses must be reported as if the drivers were employees of the school.  Dr. Scala said they have a good relationship with the bus company.