YourTurn - 10/15/07

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Cheryl Sitzes from Sikeston, Missouri:
"I agree with (Mike Smythe's) ViewPoint about campus police and handguns.  My son, while at Missouri State University, had a bomb threat and the school (police) did a great job of handling the situation...they are there to help protect our young adult children...I don't want just any teacher or professor having (a gun) handy.  What if a student got (it) and was mad about a grade?  This could be a very bad situation."
Ron Payne from Paducah, Kentucky:
"(Mike Smythe) accused me of watching too many Charles Bronson movies due to my statement that when private trained citizens are allowed to carry firearms the crime rate goes down....Professor John Lott's research at the University of Chicago (shows) when citizens were given the right to carry concealed weapons, the (crime) rate went down...the criminal does not know who is armed and who is not."
Jane Albrecht from Scott City, Missouri:
"I am a mother and protect our younger girls and teenagers (why not carry) a whistle on a bracelet or key chain?  Whistles are not expensive and if it saves just one person from being hurt it would be a small price to pay.  They should be used for safety only.  (I would like to know) what do other parents think?"

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