SIU President Cleared of Plagiarism Charges

SIU President Cleared of Plagiarism Charges
By: Arnold Wyrick

CARBONDALE, Ill. - After months of legal wrangling and opinions, the final decision is in regarding plagiarism charges levied against SIU's President Glenn Poshard.  The Faculty Review Committee said Poshard did not plagiarize parts of his doctoral thesis.
SIU Chancellor Fernando Trevino assigned a panel of tenured SIUC professors to review Poshard's master's thesis and dissertation papers from the late 1970's and mid-eighties while Poshard was working on his graduate degrees.  The Faculty Review Committee finally delivered their decisions and recommendations to SIU's Board of Trustees Thursday.
The board voted unanimously to accept the committee's findings and their recommendations.
"Doctor Poshard is a great man of personal integrity.  And he will remain our president with full board support.  His energy, passion and commitment to this university is unsurpassed.  He continues to be the man to lead this SIU system," said Roger Tedrick Chairman of SIU's Board of Trustees.
President Poshard must rewrite parts of his thesis and dissertation papers and submit the corrected version to the SIU library to be placed on file.
Poshard commented about the committee's findings, and ruling.
"At no time in my life would I have ever intentionally brought harm to this university or its reputation.  But even for those unintentional acts I apologize to the university community," Poshard said.
Now SIU's top administrators are focusing their efforts to draft a campus-wide plagiarism policy to address any future plagiarism charges at SIU.