Heartland Soldier Stabbed to Death in Germany

Heartland Soldier Stabbed to Death in Germany
By: CJ Cassidy
It's a story making international headlines: a young soldier, stabbed to death during his 21st birthday party, and his wife is accused in his death.
Turns out, that soldier is from Unity, Illinois, close to Olive Branch in Alexander County.
The Army says Private First Class Jeremy Price was stationed at a base in Germany.
Army Investigators want to know why Joanna Chestnut Price allegedly stabbed and killed her husband in front of several party-goers.
It's a question Jeremy's family says they already know the answer to.
Marsha Price turned to her family for support as an Army Sgt. delivered the news of her son's brutal death.
"That's not how I expected him to go.  He was in the Army, and I expected him to go in line of duty, not by someone else's hands, not by his own wife's hands," Marsha said.
Army representatives say Price died after his 22-year-old wife, Joanna Chestnut Price stabbed him during his 21st birthday party Monday, October 8th.
Part of an Army Reserve Unit in Cape Girardeau, Price was stationed in Hanau, Germany.
"She stabbed him before.  Jealousy, envy, whatever her motive was, she has to live with it.  He had friends, she got upset with him for walking outside the door.  That's just Joanna," Marsha said.
The Price family's been through a lot the past couple of months.
In September, a fire burned down Marsha's father's home in Unity.  That same week, someone also killed her 30-year-old cousin, Antoine Walker, in a hit and run in Charleston.  And now, this.
"As long as I get the grand baby, that's all I want.  As long as I get Elizha," Marsha said.
Getting custody of her son's child might not be so easy.
"It's one of those unusual cases, where the Army has to investigate before they can do anything about the baby," Casualty Assistance Officer Elva Prince told Price.
But Marsha says she's not giving up.
"I 'm going to keep going for this baby," she said.
For now, the baby's in protective custody.
The Army will send Jeremy Price's body back to the U.S. next week after an autopsy.
In the meantime, Joanna Price is being held in a German jail.
There is a chance the investigation could be turned over to German authorities.
Meanwhile the Price family has a benefit planned on Friday, October 26th.  It's a chili supper and gospel sing at the Sandusky Pentecostal Church in Sandusky, Illinois.  It all starts around 5 p.m. and goes on through 8 p.m.  For more information call (618) 747-2526.