Web Site Lets You Know Your Neighbor

Web Site Lets You Know Your Neighbor
By: Wes Wallace

If you're moving into a new home across the country or just across town, there's a web site that could let you know about your neighbors.  www.rottenneighbor.com allows you to put in a zip code and search to see if anyone's posted comments about a particular area.

While the Web site doesn't offer many entries about the Heartland, some real estate agents recommend using caution when posting or reading too much into the content.
"You have to remember we're in a small community, so you might run into a person in the grocery store or our shopping," said Patty Main, a broker/salesperson with Coldwell Banker Abernathy Realty.
Main suggests getting a full-time agent, driving by the house several times a day, and asking potential new neighbors about the area.