Students Describe Bus Crash

Students Describe Bus Crash
By: Ryan Tate
VIRBURNUM, Mo. - More than two dozen Viburnum High School Volleyball players went to the hospital Tuesday following a bus crash on their way to a game.
The crash happened in Reynolds County.  Investigators say the bus driver is 47-year-old Terry Dumke. 
Two Viburnum players tell Heartland News, Dumke went off the road three or four times before the eventual crash. Viburnum School District Leaders say their bus drivers "are trained and go through yearly safety training and all buses are safety inspected."
The girls sustained injuries ranging from scrapes and scratches, to broken bones and concussions.
"I was just talking with my friend, and Coach came back and talked to us, and the next thing I remember is us turning over.  I don't remember anything after that," Freshman Nikki Bozic said. "The next thing I remember is I got up.  Everybody was screaming.  It was scary."
Nikki's dad Fred was five minutes behind the bus on his way to the games.  He says he got out of his car, found Nikki, then began to help other people. 
"EMT's were overwhelmed, trying to treat 31 people," Fred Bozic said. "We put Nikki in an ambulance with another girl and the other EMTs were so busy they didn't have a driver.  I said 'Well buddy, you found one.'"
Bozic drove the ambulance two miles up the road to a place where a fleet of helicopters and medical crews waited to take the team to area hospitals.
A few of the girls went to school Wednesday.  There are three games left in the volleyball team's season, not including districts.  Nikki thinks the season is over.
"I don't think we can have another game. Everyone is hurt," Bozic said.