New Business, Not So New Debate

New Business, Not So New Debate
By: Wes Wallace

EAST CAPE GIRARDEAU, Ill. - Not everyone in East Cape Girardeau will roll out the welcome mat when a new business opens next year.
"We're not happy, not happy one bit,"  said Jeanna Weatherby.  "I've lived here all my life, but now I'm not proud to say I live in East Cape that's for sure."
At last month's village board meeting, the members approved a license for an adult oriented business.  Officials tell Heartland News the business will go in the Big Blue Martini Gentlemen's Club building.
"Without business and sales tax we wouldn't survive.  We have to have all we can get to get by and we haven't raised taxes here since 1975," said Mayor Joe Aden.
One of the board members sent around a petition to try and stop the business from coming in.  So far she's collected about 145 signatures.
There's no opening date announced for the new business, but the license is good at the start of next year.