Victim's Mother Says Shooter Should Go Away For Life

Surveillance photo
Surveillance photo
Victim's Mother Says Shooter Should Go Away For Life
By: Crystal Britt
CAPE GIRARDEAU COUNTY, Mo. - Three months ago Wednesday, the lives of two teenage boys changed forever.  One made a decision that will land him behind bars, the other faces a lifetime of physical disabilities. 
On July 10th, 17-year-old Jeremy Voshage agreed to meet 16-year-old Jonathon McClard at the Shawnee Square Car Wash in Jackson. 
Tuesday in court, McClard admitted shooting Voshage three times.  The guilty plea means no trial. The prosecution is asking for life, but the defense will ask for leniency.  Jonathon McClard is looking at any where from ten years to life behind bars. 
Heartland News spoke with the victim's mother who says her son's already been handed a life sentence.
He doesn't want to talk about what happened, but Jeremy Voshage wants people to know he's doing better, far from back to normal, but better. 
His mother, Karen Obermann, says in the weeks leading up to the shooting she'd heard Jonathon McClard made threats against her son.  Mid-summer, her worst fears became reality.  Jeremy had been shot.
"I didn't know whether he was dead or alive," said Obermann. 
Surveillance photos from the Shawnee Car Wash show McClard waiting for Voshage to arrive.  The prosecution says a 22 rifle was inside the guitar case strapped to McClard's back.
"I feel Jonathon had a long time to think about this and how he was going to do it," Obermann said. 
McClard admits he shot Voshage three times.  Two bullets remain, one in his hip and one in his spine.  His right leg is paralyzed and Jeremy tells Heartland News he's in a lot of pain. 
"When he came home, I guess reality hit.  This wasn't going to be an easy process.  Not something that's going to heal in a month or so," said Obermann.
Jeremy says Jonathon was mad because Jeremy was dating his ex-girlfriend.  Jeremy says he showed up at the car wash unarmed, ready to face Jonathon man to man.  But, Jonathon had other plans, ones that could have ended Jeremy's life.
"My whole family, that evening, we prayed he would live.  We were granted that prayer and we're going to take what God gives us and say thank you and go on," said Obermann. 
Part of that means suffering right along with the shooter's family.  Karen Obermann says her heart breaks for McClard's parents.  She says they're grieving too, as their son faces prison time.
Heartland News contacted McClard's attorney.  He advised the boy's family to not talk to the media until after sentencing which is coming up November 13, 2007.