Slim 'n' Lift: Does it Work?

Slim 'n' Lift: Does it Work?
By: Lauren Keith

Juilie Qualls of Murphysboro is getting married soon.  During that wedding planning, she spotted the Slim 'n' Lift and she immediatley emailed me to feature it on Does it Work Wednesday.
The tight-fitting shorts promise to reduce you up to three clothing sizes, instantly.  With that claim, this bride-to- be knew she and her wedding party would wear the Slim 'n' Lift, if it works.
Julie is considering some dresses at David's Bridal, so that's where we head for this week's test.
First, she tries on a gown in a size 8 without wearing the Slim 'n' Lift.
"It's a size 8, and it fits, but it's not going down on my hips like it's supposed to," says Julie.
Of course, Julie already has a great figure, but she wants everything to look perfect on the big day---that's where this Slim 'n' Lift should help.
Manager Dana Ray brings out the next smallest size bridesmaid's dress, and for kicks, she measures Julie's waist without the Slim 'n' Lift.  It's a size 29 right now.  We'll see just how much this undergarment helps, if any.
"It's tough to get on.  I feel like I'm trying to fit into a kids' outfit!" laughs Julie from inside the dressing room.
However, once she gets the Slim 'n' Lift on, this size 8 bride walks out in a size 6! So, that's one size smaller!
"It's not that bad, and I can move around," she notes.
Plus, we don't see any bumps, bulges or any lines from the Slim 'n' Lift waistband either.
"It goes up to right under my chest and fits down like shorts.  It is a lot like Spandex," Julie says.
So, can the Slim 'n' Lift put Julie in a dress two sizes smaller?  Let's try on the size 4!
"You got in it!" I say to Julie as she walks out in the size 4 dress.
"Yeah, and I couldn't even think about wearing a size 4 without the Slim 'n' Lift!" she says.
Plus, the store manager measures Julie's waist now with the Slim 'n' Lift, and the tight-fitting shorts actually took an inch off! Where all the extra skin went----we don't know, but we're laughing and pleasantly surprised by these results.
Still, Julie says that's her limit---she doesn't think she can fit into a size 2, so we stop here, and complete the ultimate test.  Let's see if Julie can even fit into these smaller dresses without the Slim 'n' Lift.   She tries on the size 6 sans the Slim 'n' Lift.
"It's not as nice-looking anymore. I do feel a wrinkle, and I see my belly button pooching it out now. I wouldn't be comfortable without the Slim 'n' Lift," admits Julie.
So on Julie, the Slim 'n' Lift technically allowed her to wear dresses two sizes smaller than normal, but manager Dana Ray says the size 6 fit best.
"She did look more comfortable while wearing the Slim 'n' Lift.  She looked better, and I'm impressed it went down two sizes.  It was also easy to zip," says Dana.
Both women agree the $20 price tag is very reasonable for undergarments like this.
"I'd say that's pretty good.  I'd give it a B plus," says Dana.
Julie, on the other hand, starts out giving this product a grade 'A,' but then she got to thinking about how uncomfortable it might be to have this on while visiting the "ladies room."  So, she knocks it down to a B plus.  Still, it's definitely going to be her something "new" on the big wedding day.
"Definitely, and I'll have to look into getting more for the wedding party," says Julie.
So, the Slim 'n' Lift pretty much lives up to its claim earning it a B plus on this Does it Work test.
I bought the Slim ‘n' Lift at Bed, Bath and Beyond in Carbondale.