Cape Couple "Finish The Race, Not the Course"

Cape Couple "Finish The Race, Not the Course"
By: Wes Wallace

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - After training nearly a year for their first marathon, Amy and Kyle McDonald looked forward to running 26.2 miles in Chicago.  They got all the way to mile 20 before getting the news.
"They said it was no longer the Chicago Marathon, it's now a fun run," said Amy. "It was so disheartening because we worked so hard.  We trained in the summer heat."
Amy and Kyle made it past the first water stop with no problems, but when they got to the second area, all the couple saw were folded tables and lots of cups on the ground.
The McDonald's call the third water station 'pure chaos'.
"It was basically a free for all.  We had to get the cups and the water ourselves," said Amy.
"At one point, a guy gave us some Gatorade out of his backpack, which was very nice," said Kyle.
Even though the couple is still getting over the disappointment of their first marathon, they're already planning their next one coming up in December in Memphis.