Devlin Expected to Plead Guilty Monday

Devlin Expected to Plead Guilty Monday
By: Heartland News

Accused kidnapper Michael Devlin is expected to plead guilty next week to all the charges against him.
Devlin stands accused in the kidnappings of both Shawn Hornbeck and Ben Ownby. 
Heartland New received a news release late Friday afternoon from St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCollough.
In the release, McCollough lays out plans for Devlin to appear in court in Franklin, Washington, and St. Louis counties along with federal court.
He'll start Monday in Union, Missouri.  Then he'll appear in court in Potosi Tuesday, then in St. Louis either Tuesday or Wednesday.
Each court appearance is for "disposition" of his case.  In legal terms, that means the disposal or end of his case.
The release does not use the words guilty plea, but all signs indicate that's what Michael Devlin will do, plead guilty to the charges against him.
We've also just got word that Ben Ownby's uncle says the Ownby's have been briefed by prosecutors that Devlin will plead guilty next week.