Principal Saves Student's Life

Principal Saves Student's Life
By: CJ Cassidy
CHAFFEE, Mo. - A Chaffee High School student credits his principal with more than an education.  He says the man saved his life.
Trevor Lowery's mother says her 17-year-old son clinically died for a few seconds and he wouldn't be around if it wasn't for his quick thinking principal.
Now she and her son want to figure out what went wrong.
"I was scared.  I didn't know what happened," Trevor said.
Trevor plays football for Chaffee High School.  He just celebrated his team's victory against Scott City Friday night, so dying was understandably the last thing on his mind.
But turns out, that's exactly what happened to him Monday afternoon during gym class at school.
Trevor says doctors told him he clinically died for a few seconds when his heart stopped beating.
"I told my classmates I feel like I'm going to fall, and I think they thought I was messing with them, trying to get attention or something.  Then I fell and my classmates started yelling for somebody to help and I laid down all numb, and everything went black," he said.
Trevor's mother, Julie, calls her son's principal a hero.
She says he saved Trevor's life when he performed CPR on him.
"I'm very glad he knew what to do when Trevor needed him," she said.
For now what happened to Trevor is a mystery.  The Lowery family waits on test results to get some answers, but Trevor says he has other things on his mind like football.
"I'm not going to be able to play in it or anything but I will be there supporting my team," he said.
Julie Lowery admires her son's attitude and calls him a champ.
"He's pretty tough.  He was diagnosed with diabetes at five and he did fine with it.  With the shots and everything," she said proudly.
"I hope it doesn't happen again.  But if it does, I've got everybody there to help me," Trevor said.
He goes in for more tests and an MRI in the days ahead.  Trevor's family says they're confident they'll get through this with the support of their friends and loved ones.
We did want to speak with the Chaffee High School Principal to get his take, but unfortunately the school district would not allow us to do so.