SIU Police Tap into the Internet

SIU Police Tap into the Internet
By: Arnold Wyrick

CARBONDALE, Ill. - The Internet can be used for a wide variety of reasons.  But, on the SIU campus in Carbondale, campus police are using the Internet to help them solve some of their cases.
"Not that I use it to get into the social network.  But, I have an account on Facebook.  If something comes up that we are investigating, it may be able to be used as another tool," said Corporal David Stewart.
But, not everyone on the SIU campus is pleased to hear that the university police are keeping tabs on them and their activities via the Internet.
"Well personally I think it's a violation of our rights.  They are our personal accounts and we do put our personal information on there," said SIU student Isaac Diaz.
But, there are no restrictions as to who can and who cannot use the Internet to track people down or to gather information.
"Say for instance we're trying to find somebody.  We may use Facebook to see if anyone on there is talking about where that person may be at," Corporal Stewart said.
Some students don't have any problems with the police knowing what's going on campus and where.
"I think the police around here are just trying to keep everyone safe.  And I've never felt insecure on campus.  Just try not to get too personal that's all I can ask," said SIU student Amanda Reiff.
That's one thing SIU police want to remind students is to be careful what you do post on Internet sites.
"The identity thieves are out there.  And they're using these things just like their friends are.  And they're looking for people who will post their full name, their date of birth and their hometown.  That's really all they need in order to take that information and find out more in order to steal your identity," Stewart said.