Pros and Cons of Seat Belts on School Buses

Pros and Cons of Seat Belts on School Buses
By: Wes Wallace

With several recent bus crashes, we hear new discussion on a old debate.  
There are plenty of pros and cons to put seat belts on buses, but the arguments remain the same.
"Seat belts are great in cars," said Brooke Kirby, Coordinator of Safe Kids Cape Girardeau Area. "Buses are designed with high seats and other safety features with kids in mind, to keep them in an eggshell-like compartment."
The National Highway Safety Administration actually found seat belts caused more physical harm in one type of crash than a crash without belts.
However, that doesn't include rollover crashes.
There's also another problem.  Retro-fitting buses with seat belts could come with a hefty price tag.