Woman Sells Her Life on eBay

Woman Sells Her Life on eBay
By: Arnold Wyrick
BENTON, Ill. - If you've been on eBay, you know there's a section called "weird stuff."
Today, we found a listing with a local link that got our attention.  A woman claiming to be from Benton, Illinois put her entire life up for auction, complete with an offer to take her prescription medication and care for her kids.
Some people in town thought it was a joke, but police aren't laughing.  The 31-year-old woman claims to be from Benton, Illinois. She's asking people to bid on her life for two days.
The winner gets her two daughters eight and four years old and her prescription medications for depression.
Heartland News went to Benton to see if anyone there recognized her and what they thought about her offer.
"That's insane," said one resident. "I'm not even going to say anything like that because that's disgusting. She's going to give up her kids!"
"Well it's probably real that's probably the way she feels.  She's probably broke and doesn't have any help from anyone," said Joyce Atchinson.
Benton police didn't take the Ebay listing lightly and Chief Mike O'Neill says there were many things about it that really disturbed him.
"The concern that my department had was on the welfare of those two daughters.  What if a pedophile got ahold of it and got the bid on this.  You just never know; there's been reports from throughout the United States of disturbed parents selling their children," O'Neill said.
Chief O'Neill says that as far as they can gather from their investigation, this woman doesn't live anywhere near the Benton area and may be living in the Chicago area.
Benton police will now forward the eBay listing and all of the information from their investigation to police in Chicago.
The posting has now been removed from eBay.