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Chris Dodd (D) - Issues Stance*

Chris Dodd (D) - Issues Stance*

Iraq War
Dodd believes by ending the military's participation in Iraq's civil war, America can begin focusing attention on fighting al Qaeda in Afghanistan and elsewhere.  He says the U.S. should begin safely redeploying U.S. combat troops out of Iraq, beginning immediately and completed within one year.  Chris Dodd has introduced a plan that would begin safely redeploying U.S. combat troops out of Iraq within 120 days, provide every penny necessary for a safe redeployment of our troops, and complete redeployment by April 30, 2008.  The exceptions include: the protection of U.S. personnel and infrastructure, specific counterterrorism operations, and assistance with the training and equipping of Iraqi forces.  As president, Dodd says he would engage in direct negotiation with all the nations in the Middle East and convene a regional summit.

Dodd says his healthcare plan will ensure all Americans will have quality, affordable health coverage during Chris Dodd's first term.  The Dodd plan will create a health insurance marketplace called Universal HealthMart that is based on, and parallel to, the Federal Employees Health Benefits Plan (FEHBP).  Individuals and businesses will contribute to Universal HealthMart based on their ability to pay.  Premiums will be affordable based on leveraged negotiating power, spreading risk, reduced administrative costs, and incentives for technology and preventive care. Coverage will be portable -- insurance purchased in Universal HealthMart will follow individuals.

The Dodd plan claims to reduce the cost of college student loans, raise the Pell Grant and provide an opportunity for free community college to every American, ensure that all Americans have access to a world-class public education, reform No Child Left Behind to realize the promise of strengthening and supporting every public school, and ensure that every American graduates from high school college- and workforce-ready.  He favors universal preschool, modernizing schools, and expanding virtual learning.

Dodd favors a Corporate Carbon Tax that makes polluters pay for historic fuel efficiency standards that break America's dependence on Middle East oil by 2015.

Social Security
As president Chris Dodd promises to provide a secure pension to every American worker through a Universal 401K account, ensure seniors' financial security by protecting them from scams and financial fraud, commit $1 billion in his first term to expand the supply of affordable senior housing, provide affordable, quality health care to every American and drive down the cost of prescription drugs, provide added resources for affordable home and community based care, strengthen and secure Social Security and Medicare for generations to come, and provide seniors with everyday supports and opportunities to participate more fully in their communities.

Dodd believes marriage is a state issue.  He advocates for civil rights and equal protections regardless of sexual orientation.  He opposes the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy.

*Chris Dodd is not longer running for the presidency.

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