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Tom Tancredo (R) - Issues Stance*

Tom Tancredo (R) - Issues Stance*

Iraq War
Tancredo agrees with the President's November benchmark for shifting control as an actual timetable for disengagement will let regional powers and Iraqi factions cooperate to forge a new balance of power.

Tancredo believes in market based solutions to America's healtcare problems.  He favors Association Healtcare Plans that allow small businesses to ban together through pre-existing professional associations to purchase health insurance a reduced rates.  He says controlling illegal immigration will also help reduce healthcare costs.

He says control of a students education should be in the hands of the parents.  He supports tax credits for parents who choose to send their children to other schools whether it be parochial, private, or home school.  He opposes increased federal involvement in education and opposes No Child Left Behind.

Tancredo says he is absolutely opposed to amnesty.  He supports a strategy of attrition to reduce the flow of illegal immigrants over time.  To do that he says incentives for coming to the U.S. should be cut off.  An example would be eliminating the jobs magnet.  He wants to reexamine legal immigration policies.

He supports tax relief.  He favors scrapping the current income tax system and replacing it with a national sales tax or a flat tax.  A national sales tax would eliminate the IRS.  A single nominal tax would be levied on all new goods and services at the final point of purchase for consumption.  With a flat tax every taxpayer pays the same flat rate of taxation on their income.

Tancredo believes America must move away from the current centrally planned and controlled agricultural sector and toward a more free enterprise oriented farm economy.

Tancredo is pro-life.  As president he says he would support consitutional amendments that respect life.

Tancredo supports a contitutional amendment defining marriage as between one mand and one woman.

*Tom Tancredo has ended his bid for presidency.

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