Sam Brownback (R) - Issues Stance*

Sam Brownback (R) - Issues Stance*
Iraq War
Brownback says he is hopeful for the Iraqi people. He says he will work with leaders in the U.S. as well as leaders in Iraq to find a solution that protects the future of Iraq, and the pride and dignity of its citizens.
Brownback says America's healthcare systems nees more consumer choice, consumer control and real competition.  He believes price transparency is important and consumers should be able to choose the from healthcare coverage plans that are tailored to fit their families' needs and values.  He also thinks families should be able to choose coverage across state lines.  He wants to give consumers the control over their own personal health records by creating a lifetime electronic medical record that ensurs that the privacy of personal health information is secured and protected.
Brownback believes the achievement gap should be closed and the nation's students should be provided with a productive learning environment that challenges and encourages intellectual stimulation.  He says he supports school choice iniatives. 
He says border security is his top priority.  To illegal immigration he says all law enforcement should be enabled to identify and quickly remove criminal illegal aliens; a fraud-resistant ID must be the foundation of a robust worksite enforcement system that requires every new employee to be screened for valid work authorization; and interior and worksite enforcement are essential for homeland security and national security. 
He says he will continues to fight for energy indepdendence.  In Congress he sponsored a bill that would reduce America's oil consumption by 2.5 million barrels per day in 10 years with an innovative, market-based approach that relies on advanced technology and an expansion of renewable fuels.
Brownback believes America's tax code is overly complex and burdensome.  He supports a flat tax concept that simplifies tax preparation, applies a low tax rate to all Americans, and respects the special financial burden carried by American families raising children. 
Social Security
He believes the government should keep its commitment to current retirees and those preparing to retire.  The system should be modernized to ensure that Social Security is financially sound for our children. He believe every American has a stake in this debate and pledges to continue to keep the dialogue open as we work toward a solution.
Shielding our children from the violence, obscenity, and indecency in today's media is one of Brownback's top priorities.  He says parents remain the first line of defense in the fight to protect children from inappropriate media content, but some of the responsibility for this effort also rests with the producers and distributors of modern media.
Brownback believes in agriculture innovation and says he's committed to efforts that will help enable farmers to embrace the production of biofuels such as ethanol.  As president he says he will support America's agriculture industry by bolstering rural communities and the efforts of America's farmers.
Brownback is pro-life.  He vows to protect life at every stage.
He believes marriage is the union of one man and one woman.

*Brownback has ended his bid for the presidency.