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Mike Huckabee (R) - Issues Stance*

Mike Huckabee (R) - Issues Stance*

Iraq War
Huckabee believes setting a timetable for a withdrawal from Iraq is a mistake.  He says he's focused on winning the war.  He supports a regional summit so that Iraq's neighbors become financially and militarily committed to stabilizing Iraq now rather than financially and militarily committed to widening the war later. He says the summit will add more voices, Muslim voices, to the pressure to perform the U.S. is already applying to the Maliki government.

Huckabee says the healthcare system in the country is broken.  He says more emphasis should be placed on prevntative care.  He advocates for policies that will encourage the private sector to seek innovative ways to bring down costs and improve the free market for health care services.  Huckabee seeks to make healthcare more affordable by reforming medical liability; adopting electronic record keeping; making health insurance more portable from one job to another; expanding health savings accounts to everyone, not just those with high deductibles; and making health insurance tax deductible for individuals and families as it now is for businesses. He says low income families would get tax credits instead of deductions.  Huckabee says America's employer-based system has outlived its usefulness and that the answer is a consumer-based system, not socialized medicine.

Huckabee says art and music are just as important as math and science.  He says students with strong art and music programs have higher academic achievement overall, are far more likely to read for pleasure and participate in community service, and are less likely to engage in delinquent behavior.  The study of music improves math scores, spatial reasoning and abstract thinking.  Huckabee says teachers should be tested as well as students, teachers who aren't competent should be replaced, and reasonable waiting periods for teachers to gain tenure should be imposed.  He also says bonuses should be provided and student loans forgiven for high-performing teachers to work in low-performing schools.  He says while there is value in the "No Child Left Behind" law's effort to set high national standards, states must be allowed to develop their own benchmarks.

Huckabee says his number one priority is to secure America's borders.  He favors funds to build the fence, vehicle barriers, and erect radar and camera towers at the border.  He supports a tamper-proof, scannable I. D. with a finger or retinal scan, so that their employers know they belong here.  He believes illegal immigrants who are already living in the U.S. and commit crimes must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and incarcerated or deported.

Huckabee says the first thing he'll do as President is send Congress his comprehensive plan for energy independence.  He says America needs to explore, conserve, and pursue all avenues of alternative energy: nuclear, wind, solar, hydrogen, clean coal, biodiesel, and biomass.  Energy independence will ease the effects of globalization. 

Huckabee says he's running to completely eliminate all federal income and payroll taxes - personal federal, corporate federal, gift, estate, capital gains, alternative minimum, Social Security, Medicare, self-employment.  He says those would be replaced by a Fair Tax based on wealth.  The FairTax would replace the Internal Revenue Code with a consumption tax. 

He says farm subsidies should be continued to allow American farmers the ability to compete with other countries.  He supports a more flexible counter cyclical revenue program that makes payments based on low yields and/or low prices rather than the current program, which is based only on low prices. He supports a fully-funded crop insurance program, so that Congress will not have to pass emergency assistance every time disaster strikes

Huckabee is pro-life.  He supports passage of a constitutional amendment to protect the right to life and believes that Roe v. Wade should be over-turned.  With respect to stem cells, he supports federal funding of research using existing stem cell lines. He does not believe in creating life for the sole purpose of destroying it.

He supports a federal constitutional amendment that defines marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

*No longer running for president.

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