Ideas Exchanged at MoDOT Meeting

Ideas Exchanged at MoDOT Meeting
By: Holly Brantley

SCOTT CITY, Mo. - Are you one of the thousands who travel Interstate 55 between Scott City and Cape Girardeau every day? If so, you probably know it can be a bottleneck, but MoDOT wants to fix the problem.
A study found, I-55 between Fruitland and Cape Girardeau is ready for the next two decades. That area is capable of handling more traffic.  But the stretch of road between Highway 74 in Cape Girardeau and the Scott City Interchange needs some work.
Residents met with MoDOT officials in the Scott City High School cafeteria to exchange ideas and talk about how to relieve backed-up traffic near Scott City.
"They have some really good ideas," said Eric Krapf of the Missouri Department of Transportation.  "We enjoy hearing all the feedback."
Engineers detailed plans on how to fix the problem.  Some residents, like Bob Ressel, brought plans of their own. 
"I'm glad they took it," said Ressel of Kelso. "Maybe they'll listen."
One reason MoDOT decided to hold the meeting in Scott City was to adress the Ramsey Creek project and possibilities for that area.  Some folks are concerned construction would affect their property.
Right now, MoDOT is only in the planning stages.  It could be a year or more before residents see major work.  Until then, MoDOT officials look forward to hearing from the public.