SIU Students to Compete in Ultimate Saluki Challenge

SIU Students to Compete in Ultimate Saluki Challenge
By: Lauren Keith

CARBONDALE, Ill. - Starting this Friday, more than a dozen Southern Illinois University students will compete for the title of Ultimate Saluki.  This fierce competition is a spin-off of the popular CBS "Survivor" series and even features former Survivor contestant Mike Scupin.
Scupin arrives on the SIU campus Friday and will host the events all the way through Sunday, including a "tribal council."  Scupin competed in the television season of "Survivor: Australia."  He was the contestant who burned his hands and had to be air-lifted for treatment.  After the tribal council on the SIU campus, Scupin will provide an inspirational message to the contestants and the public is invited to attend.
For a full list of events and more information on exactly what each SIU student will be competing in, visit the SIU Web site
You can also find video from Thursday's Breakfast Show where organizers Sally Wright and Lynne Thompson-Cundiff talk about the upcoming event.