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Mitt Romney (R) - Issues Stance*

Mitt Romney (R) - Issues Stance*

Iraq War
Romney supports the president in his effort to stabilize the population in Iraq and to bring sucess as long as there's a reasonable prospect of that occuring.

Romney's plan for Iran includes, continuing to tighten economic sanctions, imposing diplomatic isolation on Iran's government, have Arab states join the effort to prevent a nuclear Iran, make it clear that while nuclear capabilities may be a source of pride, it can also be a source of peril. The military option remains on the table. His plan also includes integrating the strategy into a broader approach to the broader Muslim world, including working with NATO allies and with progressive Muslim communities and leaders to build a partnership for prosperity.

Romeny wants to make health insurance affordable, provide access to quality insurance to every American, make if portable to end the risk of losing insurance, and reduce the growth of healthcare spending.

Romey says schools should be managed by local government and that's he hesitant to get federal government too involved in education.  He says parents should be able to have the choice to send their children to different schools like charter schools or to have vouchers.  He wants to make sure English is taught in schools.  He wants to make sure kids who do well in school get help in paying for higher education.  He says teaching needs to be made a true profession, progress should be measured, a focus should be placed on math and science, and parents should be invovled from the beginning of a child's school career.

Mitt Romney says the current immigration laws should be reformed so that the borders are secure.  He wants to implement a mandatory biometrically enabled, tamper proof documentation and employment verification system, and increase legal immigration into America.  He says illegal immigration must end and he is opposed to amnesty.

Romney says America must end it's dependence on foreign oil.  He says developing alternative sources of energy like biodiesel, ethanol, nuclear, and coal gasification, and finding more domestic sources of oil such as in ANWR or the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) will help do this.  He says investing in technology and using subsidies.  He says cars need to be more fuel efficient and homes need to be more energy efficient. 

Romney favors keeping taxes low and simplifying the code to grow the economy and enhance competitiveness.  He's in favor of making the Bush tax cuts permanent, abolishing the Death Tax, creating a savings incentive plan that's tax-free, lowering marginal tax rates for all Americans, and making the corporative tax competitive with the rest of the world.

Homeland Security
He believes the military needs to made stronger, domestic civilian international efforts must be transformed and strengthened, strategic planing should be strengthened, and the homeland must be protected. 

Romeny is pro-life.  He believes that abortion is the wrong choice except in cases of incest, rape, and to save the life of the mother.  He believes that the states, through the democratic process, should determine their own abortion laws and not have them dictated by judicial mandate.

Romney says he supports an amendment to the Constitution that defines marriage as between a man and a woman.  He opposes civil unions and same sex marriage.

*No longer running for president.

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