Hunting and Fishing Days Offers Family Fun

Hunting and Fishing Days Offers Family Fun
By: Carly O'Keefe

CARTERVILLE, Ill. - As outdoor enthusiasts prepare to take to the woods, they want to know what's new in their sport.
"The outdoor industry is changing all the time and whether you're a golfer or a hunter, you're always looking for that edge.  And there are a lot of different categories out here," said John A. Logan Hunting and Fishing Days organizer Steve O'Keefe.
While learning about the newest sights for a compound bow is very exciting to the hunter in the family, it might be a snoozer for mom and the kids.  Luckily, Hunting and Fishing Days has a whole lot of excitement around every corner.
This year's event boasted bears, dogs and catfish, oh my! Brody the bear, a live grizzly bear and his handler entertained at hunting and fishing days. Also the Fetch-n-Fish Tank crew demonstrated "noodling" for catfish in a giant fish tank.
"Here in Illinois, you all call it 'hogging' it's catching a great big flathead with your bare hands. We have a tank with four or five flatheads weighing up to 45 lbs.  A lot of people have heard about it, but they've never seen it done, this is a hands on demonstration you won't see anywhere else," said Fetch-n-Fish Tank owner Jason Reynolds.
This year a younger audience was captivated.
"We probably had the biggest number of kids we've ever had," said O'Keefe.
Whether kids watched the Fetch-n-Fish jumping waterfowl dogs or cast a line in the kids fishing derby, part of the objective of Hunting and Fishing days was to get the new generation involved in outdoor sports.
"It's going to encourage and excite them because they want to get their dogs to that level, or whether it's cat fishing or bass fishing, or duck calling, or goose calling or archery, it's just something good and it's free," said Reynolds.
Organizers call the 20th annual Hunting and Fishing Days at John A. Logan College a success.