Police Bust Pot Growing Operation

Police Bust Pot Growing Operation
By: Holly Brantley
FRUITLAND, Mo. - Officers in southeast Missouri uncovered an unusual marijuana operation in Cape Girardeau County.
A tip call lead investigators to a home and nearby business in Fruitland where they found more than 260 plants. So far, no charges have been filed.
According to officers with the SEMO Drug Task Force, officer found plants growing inside and outside the home.
"Usually, it's one way or the other," said Mike Alford with the SEMO Drug Task Force.
Officer say lights, timers, and humidifiers helped create a carefully controlled environment for growing more than 100 indoor plants.
"We had to have an electrician unhook everything so we didn't get electrocuted," said Alford. "It was pretty elaborate."
And, that's just what was inside the house.  More than 100 plants were also discovered outside.
"Lots of people like to have it in the field so they think it can't come back to them," said Alford. "They also feel safe because they think nobody knows what's going on inside the house."
The same individual owns a business just yards away.  Plants were found growing behind that building as well.
Officers also discovered processed marijuana on the property.  They believe the grower used most of it and sold the rest.  Investigators say it looks like he had experience.
No charges have been filed yet. Those could come as early as next week.       
The SEMO Drug Task Force, Missouri State Highway Patrol, and the Cape Girardeau County Sheriff's Department are investigating.