Science Cafes Perk Discussions

Science Cafes Perk Discussions
By: Jason Lindsey

You could call it a new trend, discussing a hot science topic over a hot cup of coffee.  Science cafes are popping up across the country and now the Heartland has two.
Talking science and drinking coffee, it's one of the newest trends right here in the Heartland.
"This is our first science café," said Mike Rodgers, a chemistry professor at Southeast Missouri State University. "Basically, this is an opportunity for scientists in the community to meet with people in the communities."
But don't expect a lot of hard science.  The science café is for those with no science background.
At the first event Pam Johnson with the SEMO crime lab in Cape Girardeau talked about the "new twists in DNA testing."
"We are looking to talk about a scientific topic with out the jargon, without the technical terms, but in a way the general public can really get in there and understand what's going on," Rodgers said. 
Rodgers says this kind of informal science education is very important.
"I would say in my role as professor at the university and seeing many students come in with misconceptions about what science is and how scientists do their jobs that there probably is a pretty good need for this," Rodgers said. 
So the next time you get a coffee craving and want to talk science, don't forget about the science cafe.
In about a month the science café will meet in Carbondale.